Efficio 5.0
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MANAGER: The USERS Page has a new name and new information! It is now the OUR TEAM page, and it provides the critical information you need to analyze engagement. It is still found in the MORE tab. If you would like more information on how to analyze the data on this page, please call us at -877-333-4246.
AMR data is now available in the Inventory Pacing to Last Year results.
You can now add an activity on another Efficio user's calendar! Choose a user from the new "Add Activity For" drop-down list on the Activity or Pending popups. Activities can only be added for an AE who owns the account, or for a manager. If no account is selected than an activity can be created for any other user.
Upload a logo on the Account Quick View page of any account to be displayed on rate cards.
You can now add a new pending from an activity. Choose New Pending from the Pending drop-down list on the Add Activity pop-up page.
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